RF Recorder/Player (3GHz) / MP7300
  • Capture the real world signals to your bench
  • 2 channels for antenna diversity RF signal recording and playback

Product Content

Key Features:
  • Dual Channel for Antenna Diversity signal record/playback, used for car DTV receiver test
  • Adjustable bandwidth from 1 MHz to 45 MHz
  • Frequency coverage from 300 KHz to 3.0 GHz
  • Programmable DC output for the external active antenna
  • 250 MS/s sampling rate in recording and playback
  • 16-bit resolution for Rx and 14-bit resolution for Tx
  • High linearity to accommodate strong & weak signals
  • Supports GPS NMEA data recording for route playback on Google Maps, along with RF playback
  • Remote control available
  • Pre-trigger recording function
  • Data formats compatible to MATLAB analyzer
  • Software utility support including I/Q data extractor and File segment



Test your product with the Real-World signals with Antenna Diversity:

  • Eventually your Receiver has to receive the real-world signal, yet,…
  • None of the existing signal generators can 100% emulate the real world signals,
  • Only the RF recorder/player can bring back repeatable real world RF signals to your lab







When will you need a RF recorder?

  • Your DTV/DAB/GPS receiver chip can’t decode properly in certain location
  • Your receiver works fine in some locations, however doesn’t in some other locations
  • Virtual signal source, can be any signal generator.